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New Money, New Reports

Posted on September 4, 2008
The federal government continues its deal-making spree this week, signing agreements with the provinces of Alberta and Quebec. Through Building Canada, Quebec will get $4 billion and Alberta will get about $1.8 billion. With new funding coming in, Quebec's city hall is putting together a progress report about the $401 million it plans to spend this year on infrastructure repairs--193 projects across Montreal Island are penciled in for this year for road, sidewalk and waterworks repairs. [...]

$73M Port Investments: Quebec

Posted on August 20, 2008
During his visit to Rimouski today, Lawrence Cannon, minister of transport, infrastructure and communities, announced a $7.3 million investment in the ports of Rimouski and Matane. The invested funds will go toward different repairs that will maintain the safety of the facilities and keep the ports in optimal operating condition. The ports of Rimouski and Matane will receive considerable funding to carry out the preparation of plans and specifications for the dredging project of the Port of Rimouski, scheduled to begin in summer 2009, and the dredging [...]

Hydro-Québec to Refurbish Gentilly-2

Posted on August 19, 2008
Hydro-Québec announced today that it is investing $1.9 billion to refurbish Gentilly-2 nuclear generating station in Bécancour. Refurbishing the 675-megawatt plant will extend its operation until about 2040, allowing Hydro-Québec to keep a reliable asset that contributes significantly to the stability of its power grid. This generating facility, in commercial operation for 25 years, does not produce any greenhouse gas emissions. The project has two components: refurbishment of Gentilly-2 nuclear generating station, commissioned in 1983, and construction [...]

Replace Champlain Bridge? Feds Get Serious

Posted on August 19, 2008
The federal government says it's serious about replacing Montreal's Champlain bridge and that a new bridge could save between $10 million and $30 million in annual maintenance costs, reports CBC News. The 46-year-old bridge connecting Montreal to the South Shore is expensive to repair, and that money could be put to better use if a new structure were built, Transport Minister Lawrence Cannon said during a visit to Montreal Monday. A new Champlain bridge would likely be financed through a public-private partnership and would probably require tolls, he [...]

Rebuilt Four-lane Highway Reopens: Quebec

Posted on August 15, 2008
The governments of Canada and Quebec are today announcing the opening of a rebuilt four-lane divided stretch of Highway 175 between kilometre 208 and 213, near the northern boundary of the Laurentian Wildlife Reserve, and between kilometre 219 and 227, at the entrance of Saguenay. These sections, totalling 13 kilometres, add to previously rebuilt four-lane stretches, bringing the total to 46 km, as follows: from km 53.4 to km 60 from km 166 to km 167 from km 84 to km 86 from km 190 to [...]
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