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Nova Scotia Releases Renewable Electricity Plan

Posted on April 26, 2010
Nova Scotia has released a plan designed to increase renewable electricity supply, improve energy security, stabilize long-term electricity prices and create opportunities for jobs and investment. Premier Darrell Dexter announced that the province has set a goal of 40 per cent of electricity coming from renewable sources by 2020, nearly four times higher than 2009 levels. The Renewable Electricity Plan outlines an aggressive program to move Nova Scotia away from imported coal-based electricity towards local sources, including wind and tidal resources [...]

Canada and the Atlantic Provinces Join Funding for Climate Change

Posted on April 26, 2010
The governments of Canada, Newfoundland and Labrador, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick have announced joint funding for Atlantic Climate Adaptation Solutions, a series of projects to help communities adapt to climate change. The three-year regional adaptation collaborative is aimed at helping  the Atlantic Provinces address issues like coastal erosion, flooding and groundwater resource management. Keith Ashfield, Minister of National Revenue, Minister of the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency and Minister for the Atlantic Gateway [...]

Nova Scotia Invests in Highway Improvements

Posted on April 23, 2010
Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal Minister Bill Estabrooks  has announced that Nova Scotia will invest $310 million in roads and bridges across the province. Projects include twinning on Highway 101 in the Valley, Highway 104 in Pictou and Antigonish counties and Highway 125 in Cape Breton. Planning and design will also continue for twinning of Highway 103 between Tantallon and Hubbards and a new section of controlled access highway near Port Mouton. Funding is also being directed to pave hundreds of kilometers across the province, as well as [...]

Atlantic Mayors Want Long-Term Funding for Wastewater Management

Posted on April 21, 2010
New federal regulations that require upgrades to municipal wastewater systems could cost the Halifax Regional Municipality (HRM) alone an estimated $2 billion. The Atlantic Mayors’ Congress (AMC) held a two-day meeting to discuss funding to support the new regulations. "We understand the importance of protecting our environment and we support national standards," said AMC Chair, Halifax Mayor Peter Kelly, in a release. ”Regulations on their own won't get the job done and the federal government just mailing the bill to our property taxpayers is wrong". Municipalities [...]

Nova Scotia Looks for Balance with Budget 2010

Posted on April 7, 2010
Nova Scotia’s Finance Minister, Graham Steele, released Budget 2010 this week, with no major new funding, but a few interesting programs, including a focus on helping farmers become more sustainable and a continued commitment to aggressive renewable energy targets. Like the other provinces, Nova Scotia is looking to return to a balanced budget, which means no crazy spending. During his budget address, Steele said, “We have and will be building infrastructure that would not have been possible without this stimulus spending, which was always intended [...]

New Standards for NB's Government Buildings

Posted on April 7, 2010
The government of New Brunswick has introduced a new Green Building Policy aimed at government buildings. Supply and Services Minister Ed Doherty, Efficiency NB President and CEO Elizabeth Weir, and Environment Minister Rick Miles all lined up in front of the new Fredericton New Brunswick Community College Campus (which is under construction) to announce the new policy. The campus is being built to meet new energy efficiency standards laid out in the new policy. The first phase of the policy went into effect on April 1. It applies to all new construction [...]

NB Power Invests in Smart Grid

Posted on April 1, 2010
NB Power is getting $2.4 million from the New Brunswick Climate Action Fund to develop smart grid technology. The utility will work with its customers to install devices lets it control their electricity consumption remotely. The goal is to accommodate more wind energy into the grid by helping consumers control their energy use at times when supplies are low. Energy Minister Jack Keir said in an announcement yesterday that this $32-million Electricity Smart Grid pilot project is the first of its kind. The payoff? The successful completion of this project [...]

Innovative Wind Integration in NB

Posted on March 24, 2010
About $3.6 million will be invested by NB Power in a smart electric grid pilot project using wind generation. The Customer Load Control for Wind Integration Project is one of 19 selected for funding in January under the Federal Clean Energy Fund. The $32-million project is expected to be completed by 2014. Wind will be integrated into the grid without affecting consumers, by controlling commercial and residential loads. Communication devices will be installed on thermal equipment and appliances in customers' homes and businesses to allow for non-intrusive [...]

St. John Explores Geothermal

Posted on March 1, 2010
The City of Saint John, New Brunswick, is getting up to $9.8 million from the federal government towards a “green thermal utility.” Total project costs are estimated at $29.8 million and this funding in through the federal government’s $1 billion Green Infrastructure Fund, a component of Canada’s Economic Action Plan. The new non-emitting heating and cooling system will capitalize on the city’s industrial operations and its proximity to the Bay of Fundy by recovering and storing renewable thermal energy for existing buildings and upcoming [...]

Pothole Filling Machine

Posted on January 19, 2010
Remember when Federal Finance Minister Jim Flaherty called municipal leaders “pothole fillers and whiners?” It was our favourite sound bite of 2009. Well, the City of Charlottetown now has a machine to take over that task (not the whining, just the pothole filling). The Public Works Department bought a new asphalt hot patching machine last year from a company in Michigan and is now putting it to work. The $30,000 machine takes crumbled asphalt from broken curbs and pavement, remixes it at a high temperature and uses it to hot patch potholes. We like [...]
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