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Under the Sea

Posted on December 5, 2015
Written by Zoë Thoms

Nova Scotia’s Marine Renewable Energy Strategy opens the gate to an interconnected tidal turbine project expected to be the first of its kind.

Nova Scotia Power customers are months away from receiving electricity generated from the Bay of Fundy’s renowned tides. After several years of research, design, and trial and error, Cape Sharp Tidal—a joint venture between Ireland-based OpenHydro and Nova Scotia Power affiliate Emera—will deploy [...]

The Best and the Brightest

Posted on December 2, 2015
Written by Michael Mastromatteo

Gender diversity enhances the infrastructure community talent pool.

Women professionals are bringing new thinking and ideas to infrastructure-related decision-making, especially as the industry looks to diversify its pool of talent and expertise. As evidenced by the growth of the Canada-wide Women’s Infrastructure Network (WIN), professional interactions involving [...]

Good Debt vs. Bad Debt

Posted on November 22, 2015
Written by Stuart Galloway

Demystifying the notion all debt is bad in the space of public infrastructure.

Debt for all sectors is an essential, accepted form of good business, particularly for big-ticket items such as infrastructure. Good debt assists in the generation of income and (generally) increases the net worth of the responsible entity. This discussion paper outlines the burgeoning crisis facing [...]

What a Difference $50 Billion Makes

Posted on November 17, 2015
Written by Robin Somerville

Research show a Canada-wide infrastructure program would generate significant return on investment, boost productivity, and increase competitiveness.

Media reports of crumbling and even dangerous public infrastructure have become commonplace. Large sinkholes now routinely disrupt life in Canada’s largest cities. Many critical bridges and highways need immediate attention. And traffic gridlock in urban centres underscores the need for major investment [...]

Partnering for Success

Posted on November 10, 2015
Written by Ehren Cory

This year’s track record report demonstrates strong P3 performance in Ontario.

Ten years ago, Infrastructure Ontario was created to manage the province’s largest, most complex capital projects by using the alternative financing and procurement (AFP) model to improve on-budget and on-time delivery. Since then, one of its core principles has been to create more openness and transparency [...]

The Next Procurement Evolution

Posted on October 22, 2015
Written by Richard Shaban and Richard Yehia

Competitive dialogue has arrived in Canada, providing bidders an opportunity to showcase innovative project proposals—but there are legal risks to be considered.

“Competitive dialogue” is a term that, a few short years ago, would likely not have meant much to most Canadian infrastructure procurement practitioners. While competitive dialogue has been used for the procurement of goods, services, and infrastructure in Europe since at least 2004, and was expressly [...]

Off Target

Posted on October 19, 2015
Written by Clémentine Sallée

New program works to promote equal access for women in Quebec’s construction industry.

Construction is a male-dominated industry. Women interested in the trade not only face discrimination in training, access to employment, and job assignments, but they are often victims of sexual and psychological harassment. At the same time, work-life balance and health-and-safety policies adapted to [...]

The New Urban Normal

Posted on October 15, 2015
Written by Marcy Burchfield and Anna Kramer

New research uncovers the new reality of population patterns and urban planning challenges faced by Metro Vancouver and Toronto over the past 20 years. Do Canada’s big cities have room to grow?

Long-term efforts to build sustainable city-regions are rooted in attempts to slow down sprawl by building more compact communities that can be served effectively by transit. Two of Canada’s largest and fastest-growing city-regions—Metro Vancouver and the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area (GTHA)—have [...]

Get Smart

Posted on October 13, 2015
Written by Pam MacGillivray

Solving the age-old dilemma of limited budgets and aging infrastructure with smart modernization strategies for water and wastewater operators.

Water and wastewater operators across Canada are facing a challenging business environment. As with managers across many industries, they are being asked to do more with increasingly scarce resources. With fewer employees and extremely limited budgets, it is not surprising that many communities are hesitant [...]

Planning for Uncertainties

Posted on October 7, 2015
Written by Nathanael Couperus and Natalija Fisher

Canadian municipalities should see the opportunities in stormwater management—not only the threats.

Cities across Canada are looking for solutions to reduce their vulnerabilities to infrastructure deficits, rapid urban growth, and climate change. Planning for uncertainties requires a diverse portfolio of solutions to decrease the quantity and improve the quality of stormwater entering local drainage [...]
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