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Inside our Federal Infrastructure Expectations

Posted on February 3, 2016
Written by David Caplan

What's next? Measuring the impact of Canada's new government on infrastructure.

During Canada’s 2015 federal election, you couldn’t open a newspaper or turn on the TV without hearing the party leaders talk about Canada’s infrastructure. Crumbling bridges, pot-holed roads, overcrowded transit systems, and patched-up water systems were regularly highlighted at campaign rallies [...]

Insights into Canada’s Top100 Projects

Posted on January 27, 2016

ReNew Canada has produced the Top100 Projects report for the past 10 years, and this annual listing of the country’s 100 biggest projects (ranked by project value) is an industry touchstone. It looks at how our mega-projects are funded and, perhaps of more interest to our readership, which firms are [...]

Come What May

Posted on January 12, 2016
Written by Ryan Jones

Planning for a season of extreme weather, water damage, and potential human error.

Following the U.S National Weather Service prediction that there is a 95-per-cent chance El Nino will affect the northern hemisphere this year, Canadians need to brace for the potential of another year of extreme weather patterns. This reality is especially true for anyone in the business of construction [...]

Northern Exposure

Posted on January 4, 2016
Written by James Careless

The Yukon’s experience underlines climate change’s challenges to Northern infrastructure.

In the Yukon, the territorial government takes the possibility of climate change seriously because even the slightest temperature increase above freezing can change everything. The region’s roads and buildings are built on permafrost—the always-frozen layer of ice, soil, and rocks lurking below the [...]

The Low-Carbon Highway

Posted on December 18, 2015
Written by Adam Auer

What climate change means for how we build our roads.

Transportation accounts for about a third of all greenhouse-gas emissions (GHGs) in Canada and, in most provinces, is the single largest source of emissions, followed closely by buildings and industry. As governments turn a sharp eye to meeting deep de-carbonization targets, it’s no surprise that parsing [...]

Room for Innovation

Posted on December 14, 2015
Written by Eve Krakow

What are the industry trends when it comes to concrete, steel, and wood in mid-rise and bridge infrastructure?

Our lives depend on the sustainability of the materials we use to build our infrastructure. So how do designers choose one material over another? We asked key players in the bridge and mid-rise construction sectors to weigh in on the alternatives, and to discuss what changes they’d like to see in the [...]

State of Renewables

Posted on December 7, 2015
Written by Saul Chernos

Solar and wind power producers face challenges as they strive to increase their market share.

Dozens of solar of companies that responded to the Ontario government bid to inject 140 megawatts (MW) of renewable power into the grid couldn’t have been thrilled when unhappy crowds and local politicians ran many of them out of town. Wind turbines have been challenged almost from the get-go as harmful [...]

Hydro Horizon

Posted on December 6, 2015
Written by David Caplan

Hydroelectricity will shape Canada’s energy future, so it’s critical to grow public support to get them built.

I once heard the hydroelectric sector described as oatmeal, a good and hearty source of energy, just not very interesting. In Canada, it turns out we like oatmeal; we eat a lot of it, but for a small group, it causes indigestion. This small but varied group takes issue primarily with the infrastructure [...]

Under the Sea

Posted on December 5, 2015
Written by Zoë Thoms

Nova Scotia’s Marine Renewable Energy Strategy opens the gate to an interconnected tidal turbine project expected to be the first of its kind.

Nova Scotia Power customers are months away from receiving electricity generated from the Bay of Fundy’s renowned tides. After several years of research, design, and trial and error, Cape Sharp Tidal—a joint venture between Ireland-based OpenHydro and Nova Scotia Power affiliate Emera—will deploy [...]

The Best and the Brightest

Posted on December 2, 2015
Written by Michael Mastromatteo

Gender diversity enhances the infrastructure community talent pool.

Women professionals are bringing new thinking and ideas to infrastructure-related decision-making, especially as the industry looks to diversify its pool of talent and expertise. As evidenced by the growth of the Canada-wide Women’s Infrastructure Network (WIN), professional interactions involving [...]
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