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Mowat Centre on successful delivery of large transit infrastructure

August 3, 2017 -

A new report from the Mowat Centre at the University of Toronto’s School of Public Policy & Governance has examined large transit infrastructure projects to provide key metrics for how to monitor, track, and measure their success. The report, Delivering Benefit: Achieving Community Benefits...

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Trees as Infrastructure: Urban Forest Policy

September 11, 2014 -

Urban forests in Canada face a diversity of issues environmentally, socially, and economically. Research shows that issues include invasive insects, diverse cultural perspectives, and a lack of funding for proactive maintenance. Trees are often underrepresented in our cities and need advocates to help...

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Top 100 Projects White Paper Now Available

July 11, 2011 -

“With the destruction of Toronto’s Transit City plan, a strange new phenomenon has developed around transit policy in Canada. Calgary, previously associated with big oil and big cars, is quickly outpacing Toronto when it comes to transit policy.” – Page 21, Top 100 Projects white paper ReNew...

Categories: National, News

Why Canada Needs to Think Differently About Waste

June 26, 2011 -

In the 1980s, Toronto offloaded responsibility for dealing with its garbage problem to a community 700 kilometres away. Today, Toronto counts trucking its garbage to a landfill near St. Thomas—a mere 180 kilometres away—as a political win, if only because Toronto’s domestic garbage is no longer...

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Putting the "Ready" in "Shovel"

April 16, 2009 -

As the construction season enters its peak period, public sector practitioners are reviewing proposals or processing contracts through their administrations. Meanwhile, private sector providers of goods and services may be anxiously awaiting the results of competitions, or planning human and material...

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