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Sutherland Generating Station producing electricity

April 10, 2017 -

The Peter Sutherland Sr. Generating Station (GS) on New Post Creek is now generating clean, reliable, low-cost electricity. The project, which is a partnership between Ontario Power Generation (OPG) and Coral Rapids Power, a company wholly owned by Taykwa Tagamou Nation (TTN), was completed safely, ahead...

Categories: News, Ontario

Study released on location for Deep Geologic Repository

January 4, 2017 -

Ontario Power Generation (OPG) has submitted the information requested on Feb. 18, 2016, by the federal Minister of Environment and Climate Change with respect to OPG’s proposal for a Deep Geologic Repository (DGR) in Kincardine, Ont. The information submitted to the Canadian Environmental Assessment...

Categories: News, Ontario

Kapuskasing Hydro Project Underway

June 9, 2010 -

Construction of Ontario Power Generation’s (OPG) $2.6-billion Lower Mattagami Project in Kapuskasing is underway. The northern hydroelectric generating  project will increase Ontario’s supply of renewable power by about 440 megawatts. OPG’s partner in the project is the Moose Cree First Nation...

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