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Shallow Geothermal Energy Mapping Initiative begins in Quebec

September 13, 2017 -

The Canadian GeoExchange Coalition (CGC) has announced that work has begun to create a detailed resource map of ground thermal conductivity at depths up to 200 meters (650 ft.) in one of Canada’s most densely populated areas. The project team at Quebec’s Institut national de la recherche scientifique...

Categories: News, Quebec

Geothermal Has Potential to Match Site C Energy: CanGEA

December 2, 2014 -

As reported back in October, British Columbia's Site C energy project received the environment go-ahead from the federal and provincial governments based on the extensive research and evidence presented over two months at a Joint Review Panel. The dam would be the third built on the Peace River and would...

Categories: Western Canada

CaGBC Streamlines LEED Certification Process

December 7, 2011 -

“If I can do it, anyone can do it,” said Tom Rand at last month's Canada Green Building Council (CaGBC) gala in Toronto. Talking about his energy efficiency upgrades at a hotel he owns, Rand said it’s up to industry experts to let building owners know there’s a profit to be had by going green...

Categories: National, News

New Industrial Building Tackles The 2030 Challenge

February 23, 2011 -

The CANMET Materials Testing Laboratory at McMaster Innovation Park in Hamilton, Ontario opened today. Natural Resources Canada’s (NRC’s) new metals research facility is targeting LEED-Platinum certification—something its designers believe more industrial spaces should do. “It is still the...

Categories: National, News, Ontario

Winnipeg Forks Over $3 Million for Geothermal

June 23, 2010 -

According to Winnipeg officials, this Monday's announcement that a new $3.1-million  geothermal heating and cooling system has passed the feasibility tests and is now entering the design phase geothermal system will get downtown area, The Forks, closer to its goal of a carbon footprint of zero. Target...

Categories: News, Western Canada

Sustainable LivingHomes Now Available in Canada

June 9, 2010 -

Prefab sustainable building company, LivingHomes, is now building homes in Canada through a partnership with Manitoba-based fabricator Conquest Manufacturing Ltd. The first four LivingHomes will be built by new, Toronto-based developer, Nexterra Green Homes. There has been more interest in Canada...

Categories: National, News

GLOBE Day 3: "Number One is the Infrastructure Challenge"

March 26, 2010 -

I started out day three in Vancouver with a breakfast session hosted by New Zealand (hey, did you know 70 per cent of NZ's energy supply comes from renewables?). The country knows how to capitalize on geothermal and wind power--and how to give out wine at 7 in the morning. My table talked about Ontario's...

Categories: ReNew Canada Blog

Renewables Rule

January 13, 2010 -

What a coincidence...the day we release our Top 100 Projects list for 2010, which is dominated by renewable energy projects (they represent about 27 per cent of the $68-billion list), the feds announce investments in renewable energy projects. So, it`s official, we`re on top of all the industry trends. The...

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Our Choice Reviewed

December 8, 2009 -

Our Choice, Al Gore's new book on climate change, is as much a reference book as it is a call to action.  Over its 400 pages it covers everything from the science and politics of climate change, to the abundant economic and environmental potential of the alternative energy technologies already at our...

Categories: ReNew Canada Blog

B.C. Energy Update

April 16, 2009 -

The province of British Columbia has released an Energy Plan Report on Progress to update the public on the work that's been done since the province's Energy Plan was released in 2007. Energy, Mines and Petroleum Resources Minister Blair Lekstrom said in a release, "The Energy Plan Report on Progress...

Categories: News, Western Canada

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