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Alberta announces infrastructure funding in Budget 2017

March 17, 2017 -

The 2017 Alberta budget included funding for new infrastructure projects, identified as high priorities by the province. Budget 2017 included a Capital Plan that will invest $29.5 billion in infrastructure projects over four years. This includes: $7.6 billion in municipal infrastructure support...

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Supporting the Pan-Canadian Framework

December 14, 2016 -

The federal government’s release of the Pan-Canadian Framework on Clean Growth and Climate Change has provided a roadmap for how this country will be guided towards a low carbon economy. The framework, which provides direction on carbon pricing, emissions reduction, resilience, and innovation, has...

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Government of Canada releases carbon pricing plan

October 4, 2016 -

The Government of Canada has proposed its pan-Canadian approach to pricing carbon pollution. Under the new plan, all Canadian jurisdictions will have carbon pricing in place by 2018. In order to accomplish this, Canada will set a benchmark for pricing carbon emissions—set at a level that will help...

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November 15-16, 2016: 28th Annual Canadian Power Conference & Networking Centre

September 28, 2016 -

Where: Metro Toronto Convention Centre Organization: Association of Power Producers of Ontario Website:

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Minister has tough task ahead for Ontario infrastructure

September 23, 2016 -

The release of the mandate letters for Ontario’s cabinet ministers shows that Infrastructure Minister Bob Chiarelli has a tough task ahead of him. Minister Chiarelli’s mandate falls across six categories: Guiding the Province’s Historic 12-year, $160-billion Infrastructure Plan Leading...

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November 21-22, 2016: Regional Solutions to Atlantic Canada's Carbon Challenge

September 19, 2016 -

Where: Prince George Hotel, Halifax, NS Organization: Energy Council of Canada Website:

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Infrastructure and Planning Drives Energy Consumption: Environmental Commissioner of Ontario

May 31, 2016 -

Today in Queen’s Park, Environmental Commissioner Dianne Saxe presented the 2015/2016 Energy Conservation Progress Report Conservation: Let’s Get Serious to the Ontario Legislature. In it, she highlights the importance of infrastructure planning to achieving emission targets. Overall, the report...

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The Resilience Imperative

May 2, 2014 -

The term “extreme weather,” once confined to the domain of Discovery Channel docudramas, has in just a few short years become a regular headline in newspapers around the world. It’s not hard to see why: Hurricane Sandy in the Atlantic, blistering heat in Australia, a record-breaking and deadly...

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Improving Ontario's Climate Change Strategy

March 7, 2012 -

“The Ontario government needs to climate proof the province,” said Gord Miller, environmental commissioner of Ontario, at Queen’s Park this morning. “Higher temperatures, along with an increase in the frequency and severity of intense weather events such as ice storms, heavy rains, heat waves...

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Techpocalypse Now?

June 29, 2011 -

I’m no apocalypse junkie; visions of the end of days don't do much for me. But I am going to recommend James Kunstler's most recent article anyway. Kunstler is a major figure in discussions of both peak oil and New Urbanism. In the July/August edition of Orion Magazine, he lays out a nightmarish...

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