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QUEST names five new senior associates

Posted on April 28, 2017

Quality Urban Energy Systems of Tomorrow (QUEST) has announced the appointment of five new senior associates. These senior associates are part of QUEST’s network of leaders from across Canada committed to advancing Smart Energy Communities.

The five new appointees are:

  • Bruce Cameron, principal consultant and founder of Envigour Policy Consulting – Bruce is based in Halifax and is a leading expert in energy policy development.
  • Richard Laszlo, senior associate serving as senior lead, Utilities/CHP and Services – Richard is based in Toronto and is currently the chair of the QUEST Ontario CHP Consortium and the QUEST Alberta CHP Working Group.
  • Todd Latham, president of Actual Media Inc. – Todd is based in Toronto, Ontario and is a media entrepreneur with twenty-five years of experience in business publishing, marketing, and communications.
  • Le Luong, senior associate serving as the QUEST2017 project manager – Le is based in Toronto, Ontario and is the managing director of Goals Business Solutions. She is a business strategist with a flair for marketing and events.
  • Eddie Oldfield, senior associate serving as Lead, QUEST New Brunswick Services – Eddie is based in Fredericton and is the principal and owner of Spatial Quest Solutions. Eddie works with national and provincial clients to support participatory community energy planning.

QUEST senior associates are independent practitioners committed to the success of the organization and collaborate to deliver QUEST initiatives as well as the activities of caucuses and their related working groups and task forces.

Senior associates have specialized knowledge and expertise, and contribute to the development of Smart Energy Communities by advancing innovative practices and projects, delivering support services, and contributing time for the purposes of broader knowledge exchange and mentoring.

QUEST benefits from the efforts of senior associates to support its operations and to help meet its vision and mission.

“We are delighted to welcome these five new senior associates, who are leaders in their fields, to our team.” said Brent Gilmour, executive director of QUEST. “We are committed to growing the Smart Energy Communities marketplace and the expertise of our senior associates will support us to continue to provide a high level of value to the QUEST network.”

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