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Quebec commits to construction of new Integrated Cancer Center

Posted on May 4, 2017

As part of the creation of the New University Hospital Complex at the University Hospital of Laval (CHU), the Quebec government is authorizing Phase 1 of the project, construction of the Integrated Cancer Center.

This phase of the project involves the construction of the Integrated Cancer Center, including radiation oncology, cyclotron, and parking as part of this project. The estimated total cost of this work is $ 652.4 million, of which $559.9 million has been provided by the Government of Quebec. The CHU and its foundation contributed $54.4 million and $38.1 million respectively. Calls for tender will be launched during the week for a start of work in June. Activities are scheduled to begin in December 2020.

In addition, the CHU is authorized to integrate in its Phase 2 – Critical Care business case, the planning of a clinico-logistics platform located outside the site to provide food, storage and Distribution of supplies, and pharmacy to all of its hospitals.

The entire work of Phase 1 covers a gross area of 61,507 square meters. The constructed buildings will have an area of 39,547 square meters. The rest of the space will be devoted to new parking lots.

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