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Port Credit development to include new natural infrastructure

Posted on May 2, 2017

West Village Partners (WVP) has submitted its proposal for a new 72-acre development on a former industrial property in Port Credit, just west of Toronto.

In December 2016, WVP was selected by Imperial Oil as the winning bidder through an RFP process to purchase the 72-acre lakefront property and concluded the purchase in March 2017.

WVP is a joint venture of four leading Canadian developers and city builders: Kilmer Group, Dream Unlimited Corp, Diamond Corp, and FRAM + Slokker. WVP has developed a mixed-use master plan that builds upon the principles of the City of Mississauga’s Inspiration Port Credit vision and recognizes the importance of thoughtfully integrating with the vibrant neighbourhoods of Port Credit.

In addition to the extensive residential and commercial assets that will be part of the development, the area will also contain a series of natural and transportation infrastructure enhancements:

  • A new waterfront park, with a beach and ecological gardens—all respecting and reflecting the natural shorelines of Lake Ontario and the Credit River, completing a fully connected system of waterfront parks by delivering the missing link from J.C. Saddington Park west to the Brueckner Rhododendron Gardens;
  • Four green corridors link the waterfront to Lakesore Road, and neighbourhood gathering places, with a series of parks, offering community amenities, sustainability, diverse vegetation, play areas and meeting points;
  • Proposed Community Centre-possibility of a partnership with YMCA and Evergreen in The Campus neighbourhood;
  • Street system designed at an angle to harmoniously blend with patterns of the existing neighbourhoods to the west and the north, adding variety and offering open views to the waterfront;
  • Balanced mobility choices with an intricate pedestrian network and bike routes to accommodate all forms of movement; and
  • Rejuvenate Lakeshore Road West, creating a main street that mirrors the streetscapes east and west of the site, punctuated with trees and gathering spaces.

In addition, the new development will be walking distance from the current GO train network, and will contain a stop on the Hurontario LRT line currently under construction.

Site studies underway with the goal of beginning site works in fall 2017. Subject to approvals, phased construction schedule anticipated to begin in 2019.

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