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New report released on Manitoba-Minnesota transmission project

Posted on October 11, 2017

The Government of Manitoba has released the Clean Environment Commission report on the proposed Manitoba-Minnesota Transmission Project.

“We appreciate the careful review the Clean Environment Commission has undertaken on this important project and thank all those who participated,” said Rochelle Squires, minister of sustainable development. “We will be considering the report and recommendations carefully over the next several months. The province is also working with the National Energy Board to ensure that federal-provincial decision-making processes are streamlined and cost effective.”

The minister noted the report’s recommendations will be considered as part of the licensing decision, along with ongoing Crown consultations with Indigenous communities.

The Clean Environment Commission held public hearings in Winnipeg and in La Broquerie.  Expert testimony and comments were received from a number of interested participants including expert witnesses retained by participants and the public, the minister noted.

The full report can viewed at

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