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Metrolinx releases statement on Bombardier, Eglinton LRT

Posted on February 15, 2017

Metrolinx has released a statement expressing its disappointment over Bombardier’s lack of ability to meet its contractual needs regarding the Eglinton LRT project.

Here is the statement:

“Metrolinx has been concerned for some time about the performance of Bombardier and their ability to deliver a quality product on time to achieve the scheduled 2021 opening of the Eglinton LRT.

We have repeatedly conveyed our disappointment to Bombardier on its progress to date and in particular that the pilot vehicle is almost two years late and has not yet been delivered.

We have been frank in sharing our reservations about their ability to deliver vehicles on time and to a levels of quality we expect.

Metrolinx has been clear in its expectations that the pilot vehicle must have basic functionality. This is a contractual requirement and the pilot vehicle id a key part of assuring the public receives a quality product. We have sent teams to complete walk-throughs of the pilot vehicle, and found that the pilot vehicle is currently not capable of meeting the most basic functional requirement, such as taking power from its overhead catenary and turning on.

We expect Bombardier to focus on the delivery dates in their contract to meet the needs of the project so it can be delivered on time and on budget. However, given the lack of progress to date we took actions such as issuing the Notice of Default and Notice of Intent to Terminate given their lack of performance.

Our goal remains the same to provide more transit to the people of this region on the schedule that has been committed. The ability to deliver on this will inform and guide all of our decisions and our future next steps.”

Bombardier has not yet provided a response to this statement. Should they do so, watch for the response to be posted here at

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