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McCall appointed as Parsons' Toronto Infrastructure Market Leader

Posted on September 6, 2017

Parsons has announced the appointment of Joanne McCall, senior vice president, to the position of market leader for the Greater Toronto Region. She will immediately assume responsibility for growing business in the region, while she continues her current duties as Parsons’ Civil/Structural Division leader for Canada until a replacement is named. In her new role, McCall will oversee regional business development not only in Parsons’ Civil/Structural Division, but also in Parsons’ Transport, Systems, and Industrial divisions.

“The Government of Canada is making historic investments in infrastructure,” said Mike Johnson, president of Parsons Group. “By more than doubling existing infrastructure funding, many projects that were once only a dream can now come to fruition. Our local team is ready to help, and Joanne will make sure that Parsons’ capabilities, expertise, and legacy of delivering some of the most important infrastructure projects in Canada are well known and understood.”

McCall is a licensed professional engineer in Canada and the United States and has more than 23 years of experience in infrastructure planning, design, management, and construction, both in North America and overseas. She has been with Parsons for 21 years through its acquisition of the Canadian firm, Delcan. Prior to joining Parsons, she worked for the Ontario Ministry of Transportation.

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