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Lafarge plant to use tires as fuel

Posted on July 6, 2017

The Lafarge Canada plant in Brookfield, N.S. has been granted permission to experiment with the use of used tires as a fuel source for the plant.

According to an article from the CBC, the Nova Scotia Environment Department has granted permission for the one-year pilot project, which Lafarge will run in a partnership with Dalhousie University. The company will be allowed to substitute up to 15 per cent of its current fuel with recycled tires.

Traditionally, Lafarge has burned coal as a fuel source at its cement plants across Canada. However, for the last several years, the company has been experimenting with alternative fuel sources at plants in Nova Scotia, Ontario, and British Columbia. Previous experiments have included biomass, construction and demolition waste, and railroad ties. The experiments run in conjunction with universities across Canada, who help to provide data on the emissions that result from the use of the alternative fuel.

The article from the CBC suggests that, based on the tonnage of fuel burned by the Brookfield plant each day, upwards of 20 tonnes of tires per day could be used in the kiln.

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