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IO purchases land for new OPP detachment

Posted on October 24, 2017

The City of Orillia has authorized the Agreement of Purchase and Sale of a parcel of City-owned land within the Horne Business Park to Infrastructure Ontario (IO) for the purpose of the construction of a new OPP detachment. The deal is targeted for final closing by the end of 2017 or early 2018, subject to securing all required IO government approvals.

The City received a Letter of Interest from IO on July 31, 2017, expressing interest in purchasing approximately five acres of land located at the north-east corner of University Avenue and Old Barrie Road for the new OPP detachment.

“We are very pleased that the province has found a suitable site for the new OPP detachment that satisfies their development needs and keeps the detachment within the City of Orillia,” said Mayor Steve Clarke. “We look forward to working with Infrastructure Ontario and the OPP during this process.”

In order to prepare the parcel of land for the sale, the City will construct a 25-30 metre extension of the existing sanitary sewer on Swinimer Dr. to the property at a cost of approximately $68,000.

Details on the development and the purchase price will not be made available until the sale is finalized.

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