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Executive committee supports Scarborough subway plan

Posted on March 8, 2017

Toronto Mayor John Tory’s Executive Committee has approved the plan for a one-stop Scarborough subway extension, with an estimated price tag of $3.35 billion.

According to an article from the Toronto Star, only one member of the committee voted against the proposal, Ward 43 Councillor Paul Ainslie who supports a previously-recommended light rail transit plan instead of the subway.

Organizations lobbying for both plans, subway and LRT, has been very vocal in recent weeks as Toronto City Council looks to make a final decision on what transit plan to move forward with.

The transit plan for Scarborough has changed multiple times since the original proposal was brought forward. The first plan was a seven-stop LRT that would replace the Scarborough RT, a plan that the province offered to fully fund. That idea was scrapped under previous Mayor Rob Ford in 2013, electing to instead build a three-stop subway at a price tag of $3.56 billion. All three levels of government had committed to that plan.

The newest plan, the one-stop subway, has come to fruition since Mayor Tory took office. First budgeted at around $2 billion, the cost has ballooned to an estimated $3.35 billion. And while Mayor Tory is confident that this plan will receive funding from both the provincial and federal government, neither has formally announced financial support for the project.

Toronto City Council is set to make a final decision on the Scarborough subway project later this month.

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