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Does the U.S. need an Infrastructure Commission?

Posted on March 1, 2017

The opening session at the 10th Global Infrastructure Leadership Forum sparked an intriguing discussion on the future of infrastructure in the United States.

In a conversation between Clifford Myers, president of Ipsos North America and Dan Slane, director of infrastructure for the Trump Transition Team, the idea of an Infrastructure Commission was raised. According to Slane, the Commission is an idea pitched to help create a sustainable path for long-term infrastructure in the U.S.

The Commission, as Slane described, would evaluate infrastructure projects based on their long-term value for the country as a whole. That would eliminate political influence from the equation and create a legitimate system for prioritizing projects.

Slane likened it to BRAC, the Defense Base Closure and Realignment Commission, designed to ensure that decisions were based on merit and not political influence.

Currently, there are no formal public discussions on the introduction of the Commission. However, as Slane remarked, it has the potential help prioritize the development of infrastructure in the United States.

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