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Construction beings on Dartmouth General Hospital expansion

Posted on June 27, 2017

Today, construction began on Dartmouth General Hospital Expansion and the second of three tenders for construction was released.

The expansion and renovations involve construction of space for 48 beds on the fifth floor, eight operating rooms (replacing four existing operating rooms and adding four more) and extensive upgrades to areas including pharmacy and diagnostic imaging.

“It’s exciting to see excavators, backhoes and construction crews preparing the foundation for the Dartmouth General Hospital expansion,” said Randy Delorey, Minister of Health and Wellness. ans can be proud of.”

Along with the expansion, renovations of the Dartmouth General Hospital’s third and fourth floors are expected to be completed this fall.

“We are pleased to see the advancement of the Dartmouth General Hospital addition. This gets us another step closer to moving services out of the Victoria General, expanding much needed services in our Dartmouth community,” said Paula Bond, vice-president, Integrated Health Services at the Nova Scotia Health Authority. “This is very exciting milestone for the QEII Redevelopment Project and the Dartmouth General Hospital community.”

The second of three tenders for construction services is for construction of the exterior of the new additions including masonry, structural steel, metal cladding and roofing.

The deadline for submissions is July 18. Details of the tender are available at The final tender for construction services is expected to be released later this year.

The cost estimate for the Dartmouth General Hospital project remains between $132 million and $138 million.

The QEII redevelopment includes projects at the QEII Health Science Centre’s Halifax Infirmary, Dartmouth General Hospital, Hants Community Hospital, and other sites that will support the eventual closure of the Centennial and Victoria buildings in Halifax.

For updates on the QEII redevelopment project, go to

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