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Canada, Quebec invest in Quebec City transit projects

Posted on July 20, 2017

The governments of Canada and Quebec have announced an investment of over $59.6 million for 32 projects for Quebec City’s Réseau de transport de la Capitale, under the Public Transit Infrastructure Fund. The Government of Canada will invest over $33.1 million in these projects, and the Government of Quebec will contribute over $26.5 million. The Réseau de transport de la Capitale will provide the remaining funding.

“The Government of Quebec’s investment, together with those of the Government of Canada and the municipality, will greatly improve transit flow and rider experience,” said Francois Blais, minister responsible for the Capitale—Nationale Region. “These many projects will contribute to Quebec’s capital region’s economic growth.”

The projects made possible through this contribution include the acquisition of buses to renew the fleet and the development of regional park and ride areas. Work will also be done to refurbish articulated buses and to improve and develop computer systems to enhance information for travellers. Furthermore, studies will be conducted with a view to providing better service and addressing mobility issues.

“These contributions will be used to enhance the customer experience by acquiring hybrid buses and improving its customer information systems, among other things,” said Rémy Normand, President of Quebec City’s Réseau de transport de la Capitale. “They will also help us to lay the groundwork for the future of our transport network and modernize infrastructure such as terminals and Parc-O-Bus.”

Once completed, these projects will improve the performance, efficiency, and reliability of the transit system in Quebec’s capital region, as well as make it more inclusive, meeting the community’s immediate needs while preparing for anticipated increases in future ridership.

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