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Canada, Quebec invest in Concordia University infrastructure

Posted on July 12, 2017

The Government of Canada and the Government of Quebec are investing $36.75 million in a project at Concordia University. The funding will help the institution provide its students with the training needed for the high-paying middle-class jobs of today and tomorrow.

Federal funding is allocated through the Post-Secondary Institutions Strategic Investment Fund, which will enhance and modernize research facilities on Canadian campuses and improve the environmental sustainability of these facilities. The Government of Quebec’s contribution is part of the Québec Infrastructure Plan, which sets out investments in all sectors of the economy, including higher education.

Concordia University will use the funding to establish a new applied research and innovation hub focused on the biomedical field, bioproducts and nanomaterials. Activities with commercial potential for Concordia’s current and future industrial partners and entrepreneurs will take place in this new space, which will also include infrastructure to support the scaling up of projects created in the lab.

A total of $52.75 million is being invested in this project:

  • The Government of Canada is providing $20.63 million.
  • The Government of Quebec is providing $16.12 million.
  • Concordia University and other partners are providing $16 million.

In total, universities and colleges throughout Quebec will receive nearly $1.1 billion from the Government of Canada, the provincial government, the institutions themselves and private donors.

As a result of these investments in Quebec, students, professors and researchers will work in state-of-the-art facilities that advance the country’s best research. They will collaborate in specially designed spaces that support lifelong learning and skills training. They will work in close proximity with partners to turn discoveries into products or services.

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