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Building in the Americas

Posted on November 9, 2017

With the chance to engage a captive audience already in Toronto for CCPPP annual conference, representatives from Mexico, Peru, and Colombia met with infrastructure industry professionals to discuss P3 opportunities in the Central and South American nations.

Presented by the Canada Colombia Chamber of Investment and Trade and Export Development Canada, the event gave Canadian companies a glimpse of the infrastructure pipelines in three of the Americas’ strongest economies.

Othón Pérez Martinez, PPP director for the Mexican Chamber for the Construction Industry, explained that the country is in need of water/wastewater, transportation, and hospital infrastructure, and that the business climate in the country is very strong. He stressed that now is the time to go to Mexico to begin making plans in advance of the election of a new administration, with a national election scheduled for July 1, 2018.

The new presidential mandate in Peru, following the election of former investment banker Pedro Pablo Kuczynski, has become favourable for infrastructure development and foreign investment according to Cesar Peñaranda, director of investor services at ProInversion in Peru. He noted that the country is working hard to eliminate red tape and improve institutions in the country, important initiatives for fostering development of public infrastructure assets.

Alvaro Concha, trade commissioner of Colombia in Canada for Procolombia, suggested that the country is experiencing its best investment climate in more than a decade, and that positivity is, in part, due to a solid economy that makes Colombia one of the top preforming economies in the Americas. He mentioned that public investment is up 61 per cent since 2010, and that the country expects close to 2.5 per cent overall growth for 2017.

For investment opportunities, there are multiple projects coming to fruition in the aforementioned sectors in Mexico, but it is the energy sector that is a game-changer for the country. The country recently changed the bureaucracy of the nation’s energy supply, which has shifted national control pushing for coal, oil, and gas and has opened up opportunities for foreign investments in renewable energy projects.

In Peru, there are transmission and fibreoptic projects coming to market in the next few months. That will be followed in 2018 several major highway projects, a significant rail project, and multiple wastewater treatment plants open to bidding. It is expected that one of the largest projects in the country’s history, a north-south rail line upwards of 500 kilometres in length, will be available for bidding in 2019 or 2020.

The Colombian market offers an extensive pipeline, with $71 billion in public sector infrastructure projects expects from now through to 2035. This includes $25 billion in investment in rail, transit, and transportation, with the latter being a significant focus of the current administration. There are two multi-billion-dollar opportunities coming forward from the nation’s capital, Bogota, in the next few years. As was explained to those in attendance by Annia Guatibonza, senior investment officer for Invest in Bogota, the metro system is about to undergo a $3.5 billion extension project. That will be complimented by phase 2 of the Bogota Airport project, an expected $1 billion investment.

To take advantage of the opportunity, all four stressed the need to both visit the country to understand the local climate, working conditions, and project opportunities, as well as to partner with a local contractor. Doing both could improve the chance that a Canadian contractor could capture one of the many coming P3 and non-P3 projects in the pipeline in Mexico, Peru, and Colombia.

2 Responses to “Building in the Americas”

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    Stef says:

    FYI – It’s Colombia, not Columbia.

  2. Editorial says:

    Hi Stef,

    Thanks for pointing out the typo! We appreciate your engagement.

    We’ve made sure to correct that in the article.

    RC team

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