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Alberta forges on with Springbank project

Posted on September 1, 2017

Following the end of public consultation, the Government of Alberta is moving forward with its plans to the Springbank Off-stream Reservoir project.

According to an article from the CBC, the project aimed at mitigating flood risk in Calgary will now move forward into the environmental assessment phase.

The $432-million project, located approximately 15-kilometres west of Calgary, is the province’s solution for helping to mitigate against severe flooding along the Elbow River. Working in tandem with the Glenmore Reservoir in Calgary, the combined storage capacity would be able to accommodate water volumes similar to that of the 2013 flood according to the province.

During the public consultations, the province noted three major areas of concern expressed by those who provided input during the process: the impact on Camp Kiwanis, the number of properties that would be impacted or expropriated as a result of the project, and the consultation done with the Tsuut’ina First Nation in regards to the project. In all three cases, the province believes that it has been able to address the concerns raised.

The next step in the project’s development is the filing of provincial and federal environmental assessments, expected to occur next month. Should no major concerns be raised, it is expected that construction will begin in 2019.

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