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$40M interchange builds local economy, $4B economic opportunity

Posted on April 17, 2017

The Government of Alberta, the City of Calgary, and Brookfield Residential are working together to build a new interchange at Deerfoot Trail (Highway 2) and 212 Avenue SE.

The interchange off Alberta’s busiest highway will provide a new access point for the south Calgary neighbourhoods of Cranston, Seton, and the future district of Rangeview. Project costs will be shared equally by all three partners. The total cost of the project is estimated to be $40 million.

Naheed Nenshi, Mayor of Calgary, said, “As Calgary continues to grow, this interchange will keep Calgarians moving while opening up this corner of the city for development. Our investment in this project is an important investment in the future of our city.”

Brookfield Residential estimates this new intersection helps support the potential for more than $4 billion in economic opportunity and more than 25,000 new jobs during the development of the adjacent lands. The interchange will also improve access to the South Health Campus and to existing communities and commercial centres.

“Better infrastructure, like this interchange, leads to better community access and less time spent commuting. With jobs forecast as a result of this investment, this project is another example of how the Government of Alberta is working to make life better in Calgary,” said Brian Mason, Transportation Minister.

With an additional interchange leading from Deerfoot Trail, access to the South Health Campus will be greatly improved. Other emergency services, including to the Seton Fire Hall No. 41, will be enhanced for the surrounding communities. It will also provide access to the eventual southern terminus station of the Green Line LRT.

The project is expected to begin later this year, with an estimated construction timeline of two years.

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