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2017 Editorial Calendar


January/February 2017

Content Deadline: November 11
Extended Material Deadline: December 14

  • The Top100 Report:
    An overview of our flagship report on Canada’s largest public sector infrastructure projects.

  • A Look Ahead:
    Assessing the viability of mega projects being discussed across the country

July/August 2017

Content Deadline: May 19
Material deadline: June 2

  • The Management Issue:
    A look at best practices and new technologies for current and future asset management

  • Water Update:
    An update on the current state of Canada’s water and wastewater infrastructure

March/April 2017

Content Deadline: January 13
Material Deadline: January 27

  • The Renewal Issue:
    New ideas and initiatives for improving the quality of existing infrastructure

  • Emissions Update:
    What’s being done to curb emissions in new and renovated infrastructure across the country

September/October 2017

Content Deadline: July 14
Material deadline: July 28

  • The Innovation Issue:
    The newest technologies helping create innovations in Canadian infrastructure projects

  • Transit Update:
    Developments and trends in building and expanding transit resources throughout Canada

May/June 2017

Content Deadline: March 23
Material deadline: April 6

  • The Municipal Issue:
    Issues and solutions for the development of new and rehabilitated infrastructure in municipalities across Canada

  • Transportation Update:
    Progress being made in the construction and rehabilitation of Canada’s road and bridge network

November/December 2017

Content Deadline: September 15
Material deadline: September 29

  • The Finance Issue:
    The current state of P3 financing, as well as financing for commercial rehabilitation

  • Energy Update:
    Building the next generation of renewable energy assets in Canada

* Editorial line-up is at the discretion of the editor and is subject to change.

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Andrew Macklin, Editor
(416) 444-5842, ext. 118
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Elena Langlois, Director, Business Development
(416) 444-5842. ext. 151
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September/October 2017

September/October 2017

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