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Miami Pier Museum

Posted on August 21, 2014
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Designed for Miami, Florida, by OSO Studio, the Pier Museum becomes the ending of the urban space above the sea. The typology of the building expresses the conversion and interaction of spatial energy. Simulating natural growth, the structure stretches from the shoreline into the sea, converting the city space formed by the street to a floating seascape terrace. The planar pier becomes an organic structure and provides a free promenade above the sea level. Exhibition spaces and commemorative spaces on the ramp like floor are combined to an internal circulation system, and a cafeteria is located at sea level. Visitors have continuous visual contact with the seascape surrounding. Private and semi-public spaces are set under the sea level.

Designer: Zhou hao, Guo yao
Design Team: Li hang, Sun rongliang, Li jianqiang, Gao shuo

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