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Cisco and EllisDon Team up on Next-Gen Building

Posted on October 5, 2011

EllisDon and Cisco are building the next generation of buildings–this according to an announcement on October 4 that the two have completed the technology infrastructure for the PwC building in downtown Toronto. The new technology brings together all of the information technology systems in the building into one centralised system.

In 2009, EllisDon and Cisco formed a strategic collaboration designed to accelerate the development of a next-generation, connected building strategy to bring the power of network convergence to building construction. The PwC Tower represents their first completed commercial building collaboration.

This network allows building managers and tenants to directly control a number of systems. Individuals are able to control lighting, data and video from their Cisco IP Phone.

According to Stephen Foster, director of ICT services, EllisDon Corp, “The construction and real estate industry is in transformation and the IP network is playing a critical role in building and managing buildings. A one network approach, like we’ve developed at PwC Tower, enables better facilities management, overall better experiences for landlords and tenants, and drives asset value.”

Rick Huijbregts, VP Smart +Connected Communities with Cisco Canada, says, “Building objectives such as sustainability, energy management, increasing operational efficiencies or innovation in the workplace, all start with using the network as a platform to transform the built environment.”

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