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More Renewables through Ontario's FIT Program

Posted on February 19, 2010

Toronto-based Plan B Energy, is working in partnership with San Francisco-based MP2 Capital, a renewable energy financial services firm, to develop 10 megawatts of rooftop PV systems under Ontario’s feed-in-tariff program. The two will finance, own and operate the photovoltaics.
Mark Lerdal, MP2 Capital’s CEO, says, “We believe that Ontario represents an attractive and exciting market for solar development.” “This partnership is a direct reflection of our mutual commitment to advance rooftop solar PV projects in Ontario with real estate owners throughout the province,” says Plan B Energy’s CEO, Ali Lila.

Lila adds that this is a way for building owners “to use what they already have to generate a new, long-term stream of income within their real estate investment. With no upfront costs. And without any risk.”

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