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Banking on Green Infrastructure

Posted on March 22, 2010
Written by Todd Latham

The Brits have just proposed a state-run “green investment bank” targeting funding for green initiatives as part of a pre-election budget: £1 billion of public sector money hopefully supplemented by a further £1 billion from the private sector to create 400,000 new jobs in the next five years on projects including offshore wind farms, nuclear power stations and high-speed rail lines.

Seems like a great idea and one we could replicate here in Canada – all we need to do is take the STDC, mix in some EDC and BDC structure and cash, blend in the federal stimulus funding regime as a permanent fixture under the Treasury Department, get cooperation from the FCM, and other national demand-side groups and voila!  The Canadian Green Infrastructure Bank.

Now if we only had some benevolent dictators to implement it.

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